Nov 30, 2007

GOD is great... shame about his followers

It's starting to seem to me that religion has nothing to do with believing in GOD. It does, however, seem to be the last refuge for weak-willed Moonies who fear what they don't understand. A self-perpetuating haven for Hippocrates, racists and sociopaths. Most pious people act like sad, deluded weasels who point fingers to the sky and cringe like frightened Australopithecus whenever the thunder claps or the ground rumbles.
They blame acts of nature on gay people, they credit football victories to Jesus, they justify killing in the name of ancient virgins, and they all think everyone else, except their own, are the devils pundits.
These delusions of their own importance seem to come from their belief that God likes them better. That they are somehow entitled to special treatment. That their sins will be forgiven, but everyone else's will not. The truth is, they want you to believe what they believe, because they're scared shitless of any other possibilities.
Oral Roberts says God will "take him home" if he doesn't raise an oil tanker full of money and thousands of dullards start writing checks. HILARIOUS!
The most amusing is when these pukes start uttering tripe like: "God hates (blank)" or "Jesus told me (whatever)" -
If there's one thing in this crazy world that I'm sure of, and there ain't much, it's that these crazy bastards have NO EARTHLY IDEA what God REALLY thinks. And if you think they do, you must have a closed head injury... or you should seriously consider having a bored dockworker kick you in the throat until you wise-up.
Try to reason with religious fanatics by explaining that hurricanes are caused by weather fronts, or that a grilled cheese sandwich doesn't really have the face of Jesus on it, and you only prove to them you're an evil SOB.
Hey you pigeons! You keep sending your money to Pat Robertson and the rest of those shysters - I'm sure they all need a new hot-tub! Crowd into your churches and tremble. But for the love of God, leave the normal people alone.

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