Nov 12, 2007

Hey there, Universe... been working out?

New calculations find universe weighs less than thought

Kerd Than
Staff Writer
Mon Nov 12, 6:45 AM ET
The universe, which was recently reported to be suffering from a bad case of planetoids, just got a little bit slimmer. Revised calculations indicate the universe contains less normal and dark matter than previously thought, resulting in a "weight loss" of 10 to 20 percent.

When approached for comment on it's recent slimming-down, the Universe attributed much of its success to the well known, and very popular, Atkins Diet that restricts carbohydrates, along with some basic "lifestyle" changes.

"...I'm trying to get a little more exercise - you know, working out and junk. I also try to throw a few less solar systems down my black hole, Heh heh. But overall, I feel good."

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