Jan 7, 2008

Coming Soon: Rambo 4: GRAMPO

The part I really like about this premise is the way they'll explain how the old grizzled, war -torn Viet-Nam killing machine took the time to leave the jungle and have a face lift.
In between salvos, he evidently was able to nip out for a botox injection and a chin tuck.
Sweet! Perhaps his now freakishly stretched face can be attributed to blocking a napalm attack with his face while pinned down near the pu-nam river in 1998...
Much the same way he blocked opponents punches in Rocky 1... 2, ah... 3... and... oh yes, 4. I'll spare you the comic spoilers of how he impales four enemies on the end of his walker, (24 minutes into the film). PS - he uses the machete to cut his corns. What can you say? He's tough to the end.

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