Sep 29, 2008

It's Getting Ugly Out There

The natives are restless and the savages are out for blood. Now is not the time to be walking around with diamond-studded dollar sign cufflinks – that kind of display could result in a public massacre especially if you’re caught on Wall St.

But here’s a modest survival tip for these treacherous times: Never… EVER try to change a Republican’s mind.

It’s easier to simply crush your own head in a vice.
If you DO find yourself in a disagreement with one, immediately begin backing away slowly. As with most crazy beasts, try to avoid eye contact. A smile and agreeable (if spurious) head nod should be used if necessary… then, when you’ve reached a safe distance. Run or lock a door between you and them. It’s the safest bet. After that, stay away, lest the “crazy” rub off on you.

This morning I heard the local neo-con station here in Texas explaining to listeners that this entire economic bail-out is the “FAULT” of a Democratic Congress. No mention was made of the fact that George Bush was backing the bail-out.

I had always thought that Republicans believed in business Darwinism and "small government". I thought that they wanted to keep politics "out of the boardroom" - That they supported privatizing everything?

Then I heard, amidst a Republican Regime, about an $85 billion loan to AIG in exchange for a nearly 80 percent stake in the company, which lost billions in the risky business of insuring against bond defaults.

Plus, a few Tuesdays ago, the Federal Reserve injected 70 billion dollars of liquidity to help stressed financial markets. And that's not mentioning the $200 billion to save both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

According to one report, the US government has spent $900 billion this year in taking over failing companies - this includes the Fannie and Freddie bail-out.

So the $700 Billion Dollar bail-out crafted by both Repubs and Dems will now attempt to be passed and made real. Then I assume it will be added to the national debt which is already surging toward the $10 trillion mark.

So Bush is the President and leader of the country. He is a Republican. He has authorized trillions on the war. He has authorized billions in corporate bail-outs. He has CUT INCOME TAX.
BUT – this is the fault of the democrats.

Well, that tears it.

Vote Republican, All!

Wallow in the psychotic stink that comes from a complete lack of accountability or social responsibility. I applaud you.

It is said that countries get the governments they deserve. This seems axiomatic now.

Check please!

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Warren Fleece said...

I'm using the drive-thru at Gekko's House of Karma until the entire angry mob set is mine.