Apr 10, 2009

Fair & Balanced: More Nonsense

In the same way that you can find porn for even the most obscure fetish, you can always find a news source that suits your particular belief structure or political bias. There’s news for Christians, (although the words "Christian" and "News" seem somewhat contradictory) aviation enthusiasts, corrosion engineers and even Barry Manilow fans.

So is it really a stretch to believe that there's a news network that indulges right-wingers, neo-cons, and good ol' republicans?

Why should it be hard to understand?

It probably isn’t… but apparently what IS hard is admitting it.

For some strange reason, Fox News, which consistently (if not unabashedly) broadcasts news story with an obvious conservative slant, continues to assert its neutrality.

For certain, there are networks that pay the same homage to liberals, but none that so indignantly assert their fairness in the face of such blatant partiality.

Here’s a random sample of the top political stories posted on FoxNews.com today:
  • LIZ PEEK: Five Ways Republicans Can Push Back Against the Obama Express
  • Hollywood Conservatives Encouraged to Come Out of the Closet
  • Ted Stevens' Judge Angry at Justice Department for Guantanamo Case
  • Angie Harmon: I'm Not Racist Because I Disagree With Obama
  • Conservative Groups Declare Obama's Stimulus Bill a War on Prayer
  • Catholics Outraged With Obama Appointment
  • MALLORY FACTOR: Why Are Liberals So Worked Up Over South Carolina’s Mark Sanford?
  • Rove: Biden's a Liar
  • ANDREA TANTAROS: Tea Parties Will Bring America’s Outrage to a Full Boil
  • Amnesty + No Border Fence = Disaster

Admittedly there was also a single story about a Texas Congresswoman who made the silly comment that Asians should change their names to be more American, and an, only borderline biased, report on Obama’s plan to “mull” the fate of Chinese detainees at Guantanamo.

If you don’t see the recurring anti-democratic theme running through these headlines, then you are likely as stupid as you look, or simply stuck on the big words – a concussion is also possible, so seek out your physician immediately.

That’s two stories out of 13 that don’t take a conspicuous swipe at liberal politics. Personally I couldn’t give a flying fuck if a station wants to pander to a particular audience – especially an audience with the sheer numbers and buying power of the American right-wing.

But don’t be ridiculous and put the phrase “Fair & Balanced” up on your stinking masthead. That’s just cowardly.

If you’re going to take a side politically, and for your own monetary advantage, don’t be insidious about it. Be proud.

When some slobbering degenerate wants to see pictures of naked pregnant women, he doesn’t buy Playboy… he goes to Naked Pregnant Women.com.

Why shouldn’t a close-minded conservative unapologetically get his news from FOX the “Republican Biased News Source for America”?

C’mon, Fox News, why not dispense with the innuendo and stand up & be counted as a predisposed, right-wing hate-rag and mouthpiece for the ignorant?

You’ve got O’Reilly, Smith, Hannity, and that truckler Colmes has finally had the good sense to stop being the station’s punching bag, so why not announce your affiliation with dignity?

I guess they just don’t have the guts. Can’t say I’m surprised.

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