Mar 8, 2013

Project Runway Drinking Game

This is not to suggest anyone should watch this television twaddle, but if you do, this drinking game will ensure you get hopelessly smashed, puke, and get a hangover. All of which is a better fate than simply watching it.
Heidi recaps format of the show = 1 drink
(This is any time she states the obvious rules of the show – i.e. “One person will be asked to leave.”  Yeah, Heidi we figured that out after the 1st episode. This will get you hammered even if you follow no other rules)

Gunn says the word, “Designers” = all yell “Designers!” in lisp voice and take 1 drink.
(Anyone who doesn’t yell – takes 2 extra drinks)

Gunn says the word, “Fabulous” = 1 drink

Any contestant says the word, “Fabulous” = 1 drink

When they pause JUST before revealing a winner or loser = 1 drink

Whenever they cut to break before revealing a winner or loser = 2 drinks

Contestant complains they didn’t have enough time = 1 drink

Contestant gets catty about another designer = 1 drink

Contestant explains how they have to “remain true to themselves” = 1 drink

Contestant tells sob story and cries = 1st person to yell “Wahhh” doesn’t drink - everyone who didn’t, takes 2 drinks

Voted-Off contestant basically says, “I learned a lot.” (or) “It was a great experience.” = 1 drink

Voted-Off contestant essentially says, “I wish I could have shown my best stuff.” = 1 drink

Heidi says “I would wear this = 1 drink
(Like we believe you or even give a shit, Heidi)

There are dozens of other repetitive elements to the show, but listing anymore would be to risk alcohol poisoning for those who comply.

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