Nov 1, 2007

So long, G-Dub - It's been a GAS.

George W. 2000 - 2008. As he gets ready to make his exit, I find it hard to be angry at him. He's just so frrreaking funny. Like a monkey who haplessly creates chaos in a kitchen full of fine crystal, his hijinx has left me shaking my head, but chuckling at the pie-fight confusion he, and his administration, have caused.
Sure, lots of people are dying because of his initiatives, but if this monkey's own handlers (GOP Faithful) aren't worried, why should I be? I have no kids. 40 years from now, If this world ends up shaking us off like fleas for trying to pull an Albert DeSalvo on it, why should I give a tinker's cuss? I'll be takin a dirt-nap anyway.

Hell, if the Repubs with kids can't smell the coffee and step up, why look to me? Order me up a giant SUV, baby - I'm drivin' to Vegas to get drunk with Dean Martin's ghost.

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WF said...

Dubya - who can stay mad at you? That brain damaged gaze with a hint of Marty Feldman. The constant Foster Brooks impressions. I wub Dubya!

Kudos on the webby claim stake there, Murderpants. 3 posts in one day and it ain't over yet. The intel was spot on - you is a machine!