Jan 22, 2008

This week on America's Top Model

After eliminating a Monogram Injection Molded, Phantom II F-4E and advancing to the finals, these two beauties go tet-a-tet to see who will earn the title of America's Top Model.

At stake: A modelling contract worth $10.95... and a 6 Pack of E1013 1Oz MODEL & HOBBY CEMENT. Hint: Watch for a special appearance by celebrity judge Joe Nerdlinger, Master-Modeller and Anime Evolution 2006 Gundam Model Building Contest Champion.

Don't miss it!


WF said...

I'll be watching with a six pack of Pactra Racing Finish Lacquer, a can of Testor's aerosol Metalizer and a baggy.

It takes the edge off that heartbreaking exit by Tamiya's 1/35 German Panzerkampfwagen II in the quarter-finals.

Ve vere zo kloze!

Elbow P. Murderpants said...

Ja! der fix vas in... and Frau Panzer was out of it faster than Heath Ledger's 401(k).

Please pass the lacquer.