Feb 15, 2008


Nuff said!
An Irishman catches a Leprachaun.
"Ye owe me 3 wishes, Wee one!" says the Irishman.
"Alright, alright, ye shall have your 3 wishes," replies the Leprachaun.
"First, I want ye to give me a glass of whiskey that never runs dry," starts the man.
The elf conjures the glass full of whiskey and asks "Alright, now what's your next wish??
"Wait just minute there, Leprachaun. I don't trust ye. Let me test it first."
He guzzles down the whiskey... and the glass magically fills up again.
He tries it again and once more the glass refills itself.
"Why that's amazing!! Truly grand!" smiles the Irishman.
"Yes, yes" replies the now impatient Leprachaun, "What are your other wishes?"
"Well..." ponders the Irishman, "I think I'll take two more of these!"

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