Feb 24, 2008

Nader is a Republican-paid Dem-hobbler

Nader announces new bid for White House
This arrogant bastard has now completely blown his cover and exposed himself as a closet Republican sympathizer.

"Not so," you say?

Ralph Nader is a very smart man. So to believe that he is running for the Presidency for the good of the American voter, and not to simply impede Democratic momentum, is to also accept that he genuinely believes 2 fully ridiculous things.

1.) That he can actually win the US Presidency within the Electoral College system.

2.) That he is not pulling his support from the Democratic Party any more than he is from the Republican Party.

Both of these are absurd assertations.

Running in support of "full Medicare for all, or cracking down on Pentagon waste and a bloated military budget" that he blames on "corporate lobbyists" is as far from a Republican POV as Rosie O'Donnell is from being sexy.
And let's face it, Nader knows full-bloody-well that he has about as much chance of winning the 2008 election as he does of turning into a crab.
No, folks - Nader can only attribute this late election entry to fear of a Democratic victory.

Somewhere, in back rooms, GOP faithful have crossed Nader's greasy palm and mobilized his latent Republican sentiments.

Nothing else makes any reasonable sense.

And when reason leaves people like Ralph Nader... we're all fucking doomed.

But cheer up, my lenient leftist lot. If Nader can succeed in drawing enough idle-minded Dems to give the edge to McCain, the Dems will unknowingly dodge an armor-piercing slug to the brain-pan.

There's no graceful way to clean up the mess G-dub and his band of war-mongering fascists have brewed up. So why not let the dorks who got us into it, try to get us out? Let them be left holding the steaming bag of dookie.

The next presidential term is a Kobayashi Maru - for either Obama or Clinton.

By 2012 Obama will be primed and ready for a historically successful presidency.

For now, do Barack and Hillary a favor, vote McCain and save them both from this diabolical political trap... after all, Nader's doing his part.

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