Apr 1, 2008

Baseball fans should be beaten to death with the bats they worship

'Alex Rodriguez makes more this year than his hometown Florida Marlins. Boosted by his new deal with the New York Yankees, A-Rod tops the major league baseball salary list at $28 million, according to a study of contract terms by The Associated Press. The 33 players on the Marlins' opening-day roster and disabled list total $21.8 million.'

"The Marlins? It's amazing," A-Fraud said. "And they still seem to find a way to be very competitive. They have a great pool of talent; they made some unbelievable trades, so they have great personnel people. To win two championships in 11 years, that's really admirable, and I'm very proud of that organization, being from Miami."


This is the reason why civilization should be bloodily exterminated by aliens, peckish tigers, starving crocodiles, or some hideous flesh-eating virus.

Look, this is an old argument, but are we really going to continue to sit around and allow one man, who plays a GAME, to make that kind of money??

  • Does this "A-hole" save human lives? - NO!
  • Does he make decisions that protect the world? - NO!

My GOD...He’s the social equivalent of an interpretive dancer!

And yet we, as a society, continue stand around like homeless dullards while other rich, fat-heads pay him staggering gobs of cash that would provide wonderful lives to any 250 poor souls.

Can anyone who goes to a baseball game and perpetuates this lunacy ever utter a single complaint about how much money goes towards Cancer Research, Humanitarian Aid, Religion, Education or even Taxes?

Fans of all sports should be horse-whipped and stabbed with pencils for allowing this “business” to get so out of hand.

Jesus, Mary & Joseph! The leader of the free world doesn’t pull down that kind of Jake. Einstein didn't make that kind of money!


FrEAkin HeLL! Someday some shmo will actually cure Cancer and save millions of lives… and I'll wager he or she won't even make a 50th of what A-Fraud makes.

Talk about spending money on the fatuous! Hey, let’s give all the money to kittens because they’re so cute! Or why don’t we pay all the toilet cleaners in the world 50 million a year for scrubbing commodes? At least that has real world value.

Why not? I want clean toilets! Don’t you? Have you seen the state of the nation's toilets lately? They're fucking evil, man.

Our stupidity is already monumental – let’s go for the next level – then beg for death.

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WF said...

The joke's on A-Rod, paid in American dollars. He'll soon do better driving bus for the Hluboka Cardinals of the Euro League.