May 6, 2008

Ad-gitate Well!

Writing a good Creative Work Plan can be a challenge. It's tough to describe an idea before it's even thought of. But that's the task given to many Account Executives, Coordinators and Marketing Managers.

Unfortunately, some of these "professionals" have found an easy alternative. They scribble "We need an ad for [Generic Company Name Here] and hand it into the Creative Department as a serious document.
Some of these 8 1/2 x 11 piles of feces aren't as obvious at being useless. Many are generously sprinkled with pages and pages of AE drivel that means nothing, but sounds professional, like: Objective - to be the "Toothpaste/Employer/AC unit/Pickle, of choice for consumers aged 1 to 107.3."

Advertising "Creatives" can be a finicky, egocentric bunch, but even the most imaginative and well-adjusted of them have trouble using horsetwaddle like this to their advantage.

In these cases, it's probably better for everyone if the Account Puppets just print "make ad for [Client Name]" on a napkin, set a deadline, and leave the rest to the monkeys in Creative.

{Thanks to Warren Fleece for this one. His Internet reach is long indeed.}

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