May 1, 2008

Mes Arachides Sont Exultantes

Here's a link to an ABC News story that points out the average CEO in America makes 433 times more per year than the average employee at their company.

Talk about corporate welfare!

If a CEO performs as well as Anthony Mozilo does, he should be history, baby! And without the earth-shattering severence they usually get for a job poorly done.

But if I said “history” with any conviction, I’d be forced to reference two claims by Karl Marx:

First, that he "put Hegel's dialectics back on its feet"

And second, that "the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles."

Although you’ll agree that any dialectical materialism spoken of is essentially characterized by the belief that history is the product of class struggle and obeys the general Hegelian principle of philosophy of history, (that is, the development of the thesis into its antithesis which is supported by the "Aufhebung" synthesis — which conserves the thesis and the antithesis while at the same time abolishing it) you’ll also have to admit that this contradiction explains the inherent difficulties of Hegel's thought. Boy Howdy, Ha-ha!

Clearly Hegel's dialectics aim at explaining the growth and development of human history, because he considered that truth was the product of history and passed through various moments, including the moment of error — error, or “negativity” (of which I am very familiar) is part of the development of truth.
But then again, Marx's dialectical materialism considers against Hegel's idealism, stating that history is not the product of the Spirit (Geist or also Zeitgeist — the "Spirit of the Time") Such nonsense!

Which leads us to the point where we ponder this post and the picture of the sandwich.
All I can say is... they both make about as much sense as a CEOs salary.

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