Apr 21, 2008

Optimism: Ah, that crap never works for me

There's nothing more of a physical beat-down than being surrounded by the minions of "mind over matter"

Especially in Sales Departments.

Nothing makes me want to stick my torso in a tree-shredder more than talking to positive thinkers – people so deluded that they think the world pivots on THEIR mental energy.
"You have to believe you're going to succeed..." they'll drivel on.
"You have to remove negative thoughts from your world." - Yeah... like the power of your Pollyanna outlook is going to stop a psycho's bullet from speeding towards your optimistic brainstem, or levitate your leased BMW as it caroms off a busy overpass.


There are simply too many people "thinking positively" in this world for all those "dreams" to come true. Sooner or later, your positive thinking is going to run aground on the Panglossian hallucinations of another hyper-visualizing bozo...

In every race there’s only one winner.

But dream on, Zig Ziglar. Make your lemonade! Because while you're not looking, some virulent bastard is pissing in it just for yuks. That's life. Buy lots of Asprin.

What doesn't kill you doesn't make you stronger... it only delays the inevitable.

Graveyards are full of rotting, rose-colored specs.

And don't give me that positive perpetuation blather:

"If you fail, it's because you secretly wanted to fail."
"The person who won just obviously wanted it more."

Sure... and YOU can't see the Celestial Teapot because it doesn't WANT you to see it.

Die Tony Robbins!

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