Dec 13, 2008

The American Dream: The Opiate of the Gullible

It’s hard to fully perceive the mess we’re in. We little people… and by that I mean those of us who make under $250,000 per year, but who make up the lion’s share of the population in North America.

The filthy bastards who make more than this have decided that it is their divine providence to pass judgment on the rest of us. Amidst their three hour lunches, corporate welfare, and bi-weekly trips to the beach house on the coast, they point accusatory fingers at the common man. Charging that it is some lack of acumen or grey matter that keeps the rest of us from enjoying the decadence they do.
Check this out someday. Follow one of these sanctimonious fat cats around and count how many times they put pen to paper-- you’ll find they don’t do it much.
(and signing checks does not count. Any 10 year old can sign a check. Just ask Macaulay Culkin and the rest of his brothers.)

How do they pull this Enron-sized scam? Because we let them. Rampant throughout the population live germs like “Joe the plumber” who, when not acting the dull-witted toady of the elite, shills his American dream with a level of delusion that is nothing less that staggering.

For every fairy tale of a “beggar on the street who owns a Mercedes” there is a real and more treacherous tale of $50 billion Bernard Madoff "Ponzi” schemes, CEO graft, Goldman Sachs' taxpayer-funded bonuses and Fortune 500 offshore tax evasion.

It’s all bullshit and we eat it with a serving ladle.

Car companies spend millions on advertising instead of building good cars, then ask for bailouts from the government. Insurance companies spend millions trying to fear monger the dangers of universal healthcare to research and development at a witless public. Meanwhile the govt spends tenfold on weapons.

Don't kid yourself, research and development keeps the big drug companies competitive and in business. They are not about to stop it. However, the Insurance companies are praying you believe they will... just because of the emergence of some government run healthcare.

Is it the preferred philosophy to say "tough beans" for the average sick person as long as we keep the big drug companies healthy?

Many companies in countries that have universal healthcare still continue to do valuable research & development.

Perhaps (and I’m just spit-balling here)we should spend a few billion less on war efforts and "possible" threats to human lives and spend a little more on R&D grants for KNOWN threats like Cancer, Heart Disease and Alzheimer's.

In 2006 Cancer killed something like 2.1 million Americans and continues to post those types of casualties.

Compare that to these 2005 numbers:
U.S. citizens worldwide killed as a result of incidents of terrorism: 56
  • U.S. citizens worldwide injured as a result of incidents of terrorism: 17
  • U.S. citizens worldwide kidnapped as a result of incidents of terrorism: 11
  • Individuals worldwide killed as a result of incidents of terrorism: 14,602

Even adding the well over 4,000 Americans who were killed in the Iraq War, you have a major statistical imbalance in favor of Cancer - and that's NOT counting other major diseases.

Favoring the fight against "potential” attacks to America versus the fight against proven and fully active threats like Cancer is flawed logic.

It's time to throw away the political partisanship and get logical about what threats America throws all its money at. At the very least, there needs to be balance. Cure cancer and suddenly dealing with out of control healthcare costs doesn't seem so impossible - does it?

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