Sep 29, 2009

Annoying Your Job Interviewer? Not with these tips!

15 25 Ways to Annoy Your Job Interviewer

On September 28, 2009, Karen Burns wrote a handy little article, on Yahoo, about the 15 things you shouldn’t do during a job interview.

She pointed out that, “everyone knows you shouldn't light up a cigarette at a job interview, or text your closest friend, or eat, or bring your dog, or show up drunk, or challenge the interviewer to arm wrestle." But she also pointed out some less obvious ones like:

  • Gum chewing

  • Hair twirling

  • Slouching

  • Avoiding eye contact

  • Knee jiggling or finger drumming

  • Yawning (or sighing)

  • Playing with your pen

  • Checking your cell phone

  • Nail biting

  • Sniffling

  • Picking at, rubbing, or scratching any part of your body

  • Waving your hands while speaking

  • Tugging at your cuffs or at the hem of your skirt (Which is especially bad if you’re a dude)

  • Resting your chin in your hand (Or your hand on THEIR chin)

  • Smiling too much or not smiling at all

But here are a few others you should definitely avoid:

  • Smelling like gasoline

  • Answering the interviewer’s questions in baby talk

  • Referring to computers as “The magic TV boxes”

  • Bringing a hooker with you to the interview – (Although, this has been known to be somewhat effective for Wall Street and Government job interviews.)

  • Dressing in clothing that reveals any part of your hard won Aryan Nation tattoo

  • Offering the interviewer "a little toot for the snoot"

  • Dragging a bloodied seal into the interview room. (I realize this is an annoying rule, but your interviewer may be one of them “Liberals”)

  • Waving a pistol around – (This one is as bad as waving your hands, but perhaps a little more noticeable)

  • Confessing that you murdered someone (Let them figure that one out themselves)

  • Masturbation*

Keep these helpful “DON’T DOs” in mind, and you’ll be one step closer to that important new career.

(*During the interview)

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