Nov 16, 2009

Global Conflict: Nose Candy for World Leaders?

Al brought in the tire and started pouring gasoline on it.

“For God’s sake man,” Helmut screamed, “What are you doing? This is the kitchen. Take that shit into the basement.”
Then Helmut lit up a Dominican robusto to clear the pungent scent of unleaded regular.
In the real world, most fools are not to be trusted without certified supervision. This is widely agreed. But in the case of the "world powers," we're going to have to slip some sedatives into the milk and hope for the best until "The Inquisition."
Tracking the work of a truly gifted serial killer can be hard, but not when you consider the fact that so few are even mildly intelligent. I’m not talking about your Specks or DeSalvos here; I mean the ones who hold office in countries from here to Zimbabwe.

Mugabe, for instance, is a cold, bloodthirsty bastard who demonstrates the same delusions as Ted Bundy, but with exponentially more political backing. Politically, by the way, Bundy was an active and devout Republican – which jived perfectly with his endemic hate for life.

The sham elections in Afghanistan boggle the mind for sheer, uncalled-for cheating, and still the U.N. fails to acknowledge the folly. Selective reasoning? Or is it that these killers are really so clever as to fool the collective brain trust?


More likely, it’s collusion, and professional admiration.

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