Nov 14, 2007

14 Months To Go

At the time of this post, there's only 433 days left before G-Dub steps down and relieves us of his drunken frat-boy rule. From a long list of miss-spoken gaffs to the hapless "massage" of a high ranking German politician, this fella's legacy transcends the convenient excuses of political bias. Even loyal Texas Republicans, who would rather be corn-holed with a rolled up turban than vote for anything even slightly to the left of center, have openly admitted to me that George (bless his heart) is a dork. A full-fledged, dough-head, but THEIR full-fledged dough-head, and be damned if they won't protect him like a special needs child.

It's laughable, and as I've said, (see very first post) (not that anyone is really reading this blog) I now find his bumbling quite entertaining. Time will be kinder to GWB, as it has been to every past President save Tricky Dick. Just ask Ulysses S, Grant. If you poll the average Joe, most will say he's the Pres/General who won the Civil War. You won't get too many pointing out that he was drunker than a homeless Irishman straight through the 1850's, and only won the war because he had no real concern for how many of his own soldiers had to die to win it.

No, history permits George Sr. and Ronnie to skate on the Iran/Contra Scandals like Paris Hilton on a DUI. And that's fine. Because frankly, all this shiite is just too big for me... and worthy only of a laugh at their expense.

But the next-time you gaze fondly at the rear-view mirror of history, try to remember that, like him or not, George W. Bush was not a remarkable person. Something a US president really SHOULD be.


WF said...

As the last grains of sand trickle from W's empty skull, I think to myself "damn, that's a lot of sand."

Then I go get my Tonka toys and have at it.

Thanks W. For the good times. The simple times. Vroom!

Elbow P. Murderpants said...

Yes indeed!